Wisecoding can develop many types of solutions, always with quality, always on time.

Even though technology and types of solutions are always changing, the different solutions currently covered by Wisecoding can be summarized as:

  • Enterprise web solutions
    A web solution is not just a HTML page with static information, it goes beyond and Wisecoding helps its customers to do so. Usually, using Wisecoding expertise, we can offer to the our customers different options and solutions to make that happen (ecommerce, payment system integration, end customer support systems, email services, etc...). Our services include, between other services:
    • Requirements definition (with the customer)
    • Navigational map and web sections
    • Web graphics design
    • Domain names requests, hosting, etc...
    • Data capture
    • Support, maintenance and web management
  • M2M (Machine To Machine) solutions
    Wisecoding not only can develop necessary modules or elements to connect and communicate existing HW (with their propietary communications protocols), but also can go beyond and help the customer in all the process to deliver the solution (for example, we have finished and delivered solutions that use protocols like MDB in vending environments including the necessary research for interface cards, cabling, etc...). Our services in this area include::
    • Support to the customer on the selection of the necessary HW
    • Support in designing different communication elements (cabling specifications, etc...)
    • Coding of necessary modules for the solution using the different SDK that each HW type has available.
    • Support, maintenance and improvement of the solution.
  • Backoffice solutions
    Altough this kind of solutions is quite big, we could mention:
    • Distributed systems management (mainly in M2M solutions) where Wisecoding even offers its existing modules that ease solution deployment.
    • Reporting systems and expense management
    • Data acquisition systems to feed solutions DB
    • Monitoring systems and event traps management (usually for Wisecoding delivered services)
  • Installation and support of local network for the customers.
    Wisecoding can help its customer in the selection and design of the local network (also we can offer installation and maintenance) including the deployment, configuration and installation of the necessary elements to best accommodate your business.For example, we usually work with:
    • Domain controllers
    • File servers
    • DNS
    • Source code control systems (Subversion, cvs, Visual Soursafe)
    • Backup services
  • Platforming solutions
    When our customers need to install repeteadly any kind of system, Wisecoding creates, configure and give the necessary tools so that the customer can platform easily the systems. We can also platform ourselves and deliver the customer with a ready to deploy system.
  • Support and maintenance solutions
    Wisecoding can support standard third party applications (contact us to know if your system can be supported). We provide second tier support and include the following tasks:
    • Incidence retrieval (phone, web or email) from first tier tech staff
    • Problem diagnostic, immediate resolution if possible or proposed resolution in case it cann't be applied immediatly (if possible, with workaround to allow the system to be kept working).
    • Support proactive work (integrating customer solution with Wisecoding support system, patch deployment and management, new realeases deployment and proposals for service optimization and improvement)